We return the stolen car
or pay 100% of it's market value

Search network
fully operational

authorized by authorities

pre-sale is LIVE

Funds Raised
133 ETH
300 ETH
  • 1 ETH = 5000 SURR
  • Hard cap = 80 000 ETH
  • We accept ETH and BTC

The first 300 ETH deposited receive a 90% return the first year, secured in a contract.

About the project

SurruS — is a comprehensive and innovative solution offering:

A decentralized system for searching and returning stolen cars

Blockchain based car theft insurance with an instant compensation guarantee to return 100% of the car’s market value through a smart contract

ICO terms and conditions
90% secured
in a contract



01.04.2018 - 31.05.2018


01.06.2018 - 08.06.2018


09.06.2018 - 23.06.2018


24.06.2018 - 01.07.2018


02.07.2018 - 01.08.2018

Our advantages:
  • Car theft insurance 3-5 times cheaper than the market

  • Zero stress over losing the car, 100% guaranteed return or market value compensation

  • Instant payments through smart contracts

Token growth drivers:
  • A huge and developed car insurance and anti-theft systemsmarket with SurruS poised to take a share of 5-10%

  • Sustainable demand for such service, a working model and a user base with successful return cases

  • Demand from insurance companies looking for fresh solutions, partnership opportunities and as a result, an increase in sales and market share

Buy tokens
  • Sale of cars
  • Market of insurance
  • Market of anti-theft systems
  • Damage from thefts

703 mln

Total registered

30 mln

Sold in a year

5.8 mln

Theft of cars per year

Currently in the US, Europe and Russia annual car sales reach up to 30 million vehicles.

In total, over 703 million cars are registered, and about 5.8 million cars are stolen every year.

This figure is constantly growing despite the ever-growing car insurance ($400 billion a year) and anti-theft systems ($350 billion a year) market. Car theft damage is estimated at around $73.5 billion annually.

The problem

Car theft problem emerged almost with the very first car sale, and has not been solved yet. Insurance companies were created to minimize losses of the car owner in the event of theft, while anti-theft systems reduce the chances of car thieves. However, the problem has not been solved completely yet, as none of the available tools can ensure the car owner that their car won't be stolen or will be returned to them.

Insurance companies want to
Minimize their expenses in 
case of an insurance claim
  • Insurance companies spread the responsibility and risks between everyone insured

  • Insurance programs against theft are expensive and non-transparent

    Insurance programs designed to cover thefts only do exist, but their price is almost the same as a theft+damage insurance package. Besides, this type of insurance is valid only if the car is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system that further drives insurer's expenses up. Moreover, the contract often contains a set of additional conditions which may become a pretext for refusing to pay in case of an insured event.

The purpose of anti-theft systems
Lies in reducing the probability of a theft as well as to ensure the car owner's psychological comfort.
  • Anti-theft systems only provide nominal protection and do not guarantee the car won’t be stolen

    Mechanical and electronic devices protect only from non-professional car thieves. Professionals have special tools for breaking in any system. For this reason, superior anti-theft systems only increase the time that car thieves spend on breaking into the car, but do not prevent theft itself.

  • Satellite and GSM-channels for electronic systems can be easily jammed.

    The black market is ripe with all the devices for jamming the signals on these frequencies, allowing car thieves to easily block out protection systems of this type.

How SurruS works
How SurruS returns
a stolen car to its owner

ВA car theft victim finds out his vehicle was stolen, and files a police report, then notifies SurruS


Search algorithm is immediately activated


When the device inside the vehicle gets inside a search module radius, it sends out a signal, identifying its location accurate to a 500-700m area

All the users of the system can partake in the search operations along with the SurruS search teams. If the volunteer manages to find the stolen vehicle first, he’ll receive the reward.


A search unit is dispatched to the area, inspecting the territory using both ground and air search devices such as quadcopters


As soon as the precise location is found, a police unit is called in to withdraw the vehicle and detain the criminals


The car is returned back to the rightful possessor


If SurruS is unable to find and return the vehicle, the company reimburses 100% of the car’s market value


After 11 years of research, tests, and proofs of concept, a system for search and return of stolen cars was created. Investments into the development and launch of the system have exceeded $10 million. Today, thanks to the blockchain technology, a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, and cheaper component parts, the international launch of the project has become possible.

We invite everybody to join us in creating the SurruS system, earn money investing into a new market, and solve the age-old problem of car thefts once and for all.

SurruS represents a new type of service, a fusion between two large markets:

car theft insurance

anti-theft systems

Blockchain-based insurance
The existence of a decentralized digital ledger allows us to change
the way information is processed:
simplify the insurance
application process
raise insurance payment
by eliminating intermediaries
reduce the waiting
period for insurance
payments substantially
make transactions
on the insurance market
more transparent
SURR token:

Is used as a means of payment by car owners for the company's services

May be traded on an exchange

Is used as a means of payment for partner services

The conditions of sale

Start:....................... February 15, 2018

Hardcap:................. 80 000 ETH

Exchange rate:........ 1 ETH = 5000 SURR

Payment methods
ERC-20 token

The exact number of tokens issued will depend on the amount of funds collected. Once the initial offering is complete, tokens will not be issued. The tokens will be distributed upon completion of the ICO.

Distribution of SURR funds
  • Infrastructure creation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Research and development
  • Administration and operation
  • Legal support
  • Unforeseen expenses
Distribution of tokens
  • ICO participants
  • Team
  • Advisers and first supporters
  • Reserve Fund and bounty
  • Bounty
SRS Token

A security token, SRS is equivalent in price to one search module in the SurruS infrastructure. SRS token issue will take place in December 2018. The priority right to buy SRS tokens will be granted to SURR token holders.

SRS token holder will be receiving monthly payouts, pegged to the company’s revenue.

In December 2018 SRS tokens will be issued according to the number of search modules in the system (1 SRS = 1 module). Token holders will be able to exchange their SURR for SRS at the rate of 1 SRS = 65000 SURR. SRS holders will start receiving monthly payouts, pegged to the company’s revenue.

The conditions of sale

Start:...................... December 2018

Exchange rate:...... 1 SRS = 65000 SURR

Feature demo

All the components of the system are already developed, manufactured and ready for use. Therefore, at the request of stakeholders, the SurruS
company conducts a demonstration of the system anywhere in the world. How it works:


You submit your application for the SurruS system feature demo and transfer your payment


A search group arrives at your city, and together we choose the area for conducting the search


Devices are installed in the car, and search modules are then spread througout the area


You hide the car within the area


The search team travels to the area, and looks for your car using their special equipment


If the group finds the car, the demonstration is considered successful. For the funds you have paid, you are credited with SURR tokens at the current rate


If the group has not found the car, the paid funds will be returned to you

Order a demonstration for 50 ETH
For whom are we useful?
  • The owners of private cars

    Neither cheap nor premium-class cars are totally protected against theft. Garages and guarded parking lots do not represent a proper solution, as security guards or garage communities and parking can collude with thieves or simply fail to stop their activity. Usually a car theft means that the vehicle is lost forever. The percentage of theft cases solved is very low and even if the car is often found in non-repairable condition or the cost of repair is comparable to a price of a new car.
  • Taxi pools, car rent services, and public transport

    Taxi pools, car rent companies, municipal public transport, leasing enterprises, car sharing services - they all suffer from theft problem very much. Elimination of theft risk will help such companies increase their profit considerably. It is a big market that needs a technological breakthrough.
  • Car manufacturers

    Frequent thefts of a certain make or model can have a negative impact on sales. Therefore, manufacturers strive to minimize theft cases. They integrate standard anti-theft systems, though they are ineffective and fail to solve the theft problem. Car companies introduce more and more advanced protection systems regularly, but these systems are of a basic level and any professional car thief can apply special devices to quickly crack them.
  • Insurance companies

    Including the SurruS solution in the product line of insurance products for car owners will help the insurance companies to attract new customers. The SurruS product is cost-effective, since it supposes the use of low-energy and simple in design devices, which transmit simple signals over short distances. As a result, the cost of the concept implementation is reduced, and the product availability is increased. Thus, the demand for the SurruS solution will be high, which is certainly beneficial for insurance companies.
Team and advisors
Vladimir Kosenko
Founder, entrepreneur, business angel
  • 24 years of serial entrepreneurship, launching manufacturing facilities;
  • Put 2 unprofitable plants back on track in 19 months;
  • Manages a team of 270 people;
  • The group of companies headed by Vladimir has reached $95 million in revenue.
Andrey Zhukov
Founder, engineer
  • 20 years of experience in developing electronic and mechanical systems;
  • For over 15 years he has been engaged in designing search engines and stable communication channels;
  • Participates in international conferences on transport, information technology and road safety since 2009;
  • Cooperates with the government of the Novosibirsk region and KT Corporation, a Korean company, developing transport security systems.
  • Supports autonomous trading technology; refer
Sergey Glushkov
Scientist, author of original developments
  • Professor at the Department of transport engineering technologies and machine operation at the Siberian state University of railway engineering;
  • Successfully develops, adapts and tests machines, devices and equipment;
  • has published more than 120 scientific articles and monographs;
  • Received 10 patents for inventions;
  • As a supervisor, Sergei has trained 2 Doctors of Science (Engineering) and 15 Candidates of Technical Sciences, currently he is the supervisor for 5 Ph.D. candidates and 7 post-graduate students.
Maksim Skorikov
Software Engineer
  • more than 6 years of web-development;
  • Top-10 Hack4climate, Top-10 Humaciq global challenge;
  • Winner of the AngelHack hackathon;
Maksim Shalavin
German Blockchain developer
  • Over 2 years of experience in developing blockchain-based solutions;
  • Software architect in the bitcoin code erfahrung;
  • Over 15 successful blockchain projects;
  • Top-10 Hack4climate, Top-10 Humaniq global challenge;
  • Science writer;
Ivan Filatov
Project manager
Alexander Terekhov
Traffic manager
Dmitriy Shuvaev
Product manager
  • 5 ICO projects raised their Soft Cap, Hard Cap was met with 2 ICO projects
  • Generate over 3,000 applications secured lending, monthly
  • Implemented a marketing strategy for the largest network of car pawnshops in the Russian Federation with the annual budget of more than one million US dollars.
Felipe L. Vorobey
Marketing Advisor
  • has 8+ year experience in brand management and International Marketing;
  • Former Head of Marketing for and Senior Brand manger for Qiwi Electronic payments;
  • Felipe is consultant for various successful Blockchain projects that overall have raised over $45M USD;
Aleksandr Baklushin
Insurance Advisor
  • Public office — Chairman of committee of Saint Petersburg and Northwest car insurers union;
  • Branch director at Obyedinennaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya v SPb insurance company (since 2009), experience as an insurance company branch manager since 2003;
Road map
  • Что такое ICO и Pre-Sale?

    ICO, или Initial Coin Offering (первичное размещение токенов) — это механизм привлечения средств, по условиям которого будущая криптовалюта продается за нынешние, ликвидные виртуальные деньги. Вы перечисляете ICO эфиры (ETH), а взамен получаете токены нового проекта (SURR). Это ещё одна реализация модели краудфандинга, когда участники финансируют развитие компании сейчас для того, чтобы получить от неё какие-то блага в будущем.

    Pre-Sale — это этап, предшествующий основному этапу сбора средств (ICO). Он проводится с целью протестировать спрос на продукт, получить поддержку коммьюнити и привлечь ранних инвесторов.

  • Как пошагово перевести оплату и получить гарантированную доходность 90% годовых?

    Перейти на сайт, зарегистрироваться в личном кабинете, ввести в личном кабинете номер ETH-кошелька на который мы перешлем токены SURR. Затем выбрать валюту ETH или BTC, ввести номер кошелька, с которого будете платить за токены SURR, выбрать желаемую сумму покупки и перевести деньги на кошелек SurruS.

  • Когда начинается и завершается Pre-Sale и ICO?

    Продажа токенов будет осуществляться в три этапа:

    Закрытый Pre-Sale - c 15.02.2018 - 01.04.2018

    Открытый Pre-Sale - с 01.04.2018 - 31.05.2018

    ICO - с 01.06.2018 - 01.08.2018

  • Вы действительно гарантируете доходность в 90% годовых в независимости от результатов ICO?

    Да, в знак благодарности нашим ранним сторонникам, мы гарантируем доходность 90% годовых для первых вложенных 300 ETH вне зависимости от результатов ICO.

  • Когда будут гарантированные выплаты (обратный выкуп токенов)?

    В течение суток после завершения ICO, 01.08.2018 или в момент сбора hard cap (80 000 ETH), в зависимости от того, что произойдет раньше.

  • Какая цель у ICO компании SurruS?

    Наша цель собрать более 20 000 ETH. Максимальный сбор 80 000 ETH. Каждые 20 000 ETH позволят нам открывать новые страны для создания системы SurruS. Благодаря ICO мы планируем запустить проект в России, Великобритании, Франции и Италии. В последующих странах будем масштабироваться с помощью уже собственных средств, которые будет получать бизнес от продажи услуг SurruS.

  • Что уже сделано к настоящему моменту?

    - Налажено производство оборудования.

    - Готова модельная линейка для установки в машины.

    - Созданы приборы для поисковой сети.

    - Написано програмное обеспечение и отлажены алгоритмы поиска.

    - Система прошла тестирование и адаптацию под мировые особенности.

    - Заключено соглашение с полицией.

    - Привлечены первые несколько десятков клиентов.

  • Почему ваш продукт лучше действующих аналогов?

    - Страховка от угона в 3-5 раз дешевле чем сейчас

    - Никаких переживаний за свой автомобиль, 100% гарантия возврата авто или его рыночной стоимостис

    - Мгновенная выплата страховой премии благодаря смарт-контрактам

  • Зачем в вашем продукте блокчейн?

    Благодаря технологии блокчейн мы сможем ускорить страховые выплаты, упростить процесс подачи заявок и минимизировать страховое мошенничество..

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